Live Holo Sex on your Smartphone by 2016!!

June 30th, 2014

Horny researchers have confirmed that live holo sex on your smartphone should be a reality by 2016 at the latest. Thanks to a breakthrough in smartphone chip technology, smartphones appearing as soon as 2016 or even late 2015 should have the capability of projecting high-definition three dimensional holograms above your smartphone screen – Star Wars style! How do you spell LIVE HOLO PHONE SEX!! Let’s count down the days guys…we’ll bring you the first live holo sex here!

MIT Researchers Close to Live Holo Sex Cams

January 31st, 2011

As predicted in my previous post, the Kinect 3D Depth Camera has already brought forward the time when we can all be enjoying live holo sex cams in our own homes.  Researchers at the MIT have created the fastest yet recorded live holographic moving images.  Temptingly, the boffins got a sexy female grad student to reprise the role of Princess Leia in the famous R2-D2 scene from Star Wars.  Although the image is fuzzy and doesn’t come across well in a 2D YouTube video, bear in mind that the team have only been playing around with the Kinect tech for a few weeks.  The point is that this technology will be in your home and in High-Definition within a few years…next time you see Princess Leia, she’ll likely be naked!

Kinect Will Lead to Holo Sex Cams

November 18th, 2010

A man from Germany has used a Kinect hack to build a 3D image of himself and his surroundings.  The new Microsoft Kinect has a 3D depth camera which enables the XBOX360 to build a three dimensional picture of the game player.  This guy hacked the software to create a graphical3D  representation of himself in real time.  The only thing that prevents a full 360 image is lack of a camera from behind. In a few years, the same technology should be able to build 360 degree holographic images from as little as two cameras, meaning that holographic video chat, and yes, live holo sex, will be here as soon as holograms are.

Live Holo Cam Sex

November 10th, 2010

Live Holographic Sex will soon be coming to your living rooms and bedrooms.  Researchers at the University of Arizona have succeeded in transmitting live three-dimensional holographic images.  Holographic TVs will soon make 3D TVs old-fashioned.  It is predicted that within a decade, holographic tv’s will be beaming live sport, 3D movies, and of course, Holographic Porn to homes around the world.

Just think how great watching holographic sex, or ‘holo sex’, as it is likely to be called, is going to be.  The performers will appear to be right in front of you (or even around you!).  They will seem as real as though they are right in front of you.  You will be able to walk around them and watch them from every angle.  These will be, in effect, beautiful girls in your own home and you will be able to tell them what to do.  Ask them to come closer and they will physically come closer!